A bit of insider’s insight…

Copywriting work for Stanley Gibbons, suggesting “fine-used” Penny Black stamps as an ideal addition to an investment portfolio, but stressing that stocks wouldn’t last forever.

How about some insider’s insight as to an opportunity certain to make you sit up and take notice? Permit me to bring to your attention one smart investment that’s sure to get you smiling.

We’ve all heard of them. Penny Blacks, the world’s first postage stamps. The “first” of anything is always an attractive option for a collector, and the Penny Black is no exception.

In relation to one of my earlier e-mails, what better assurance is there in this “black swan” moment than a black penny? Allow me to explain why.

Over the last two years at major London auctions, realisations for fine-used examples have more than doubled, and demand continues to rise.

However, fret not.

Our buyers have not been resting on their laurels and have secured a limited supply of 300 of these ever-popular stamps – an asset to any portfolio or collection.

Expecting demand to outstrip supply, we will be limiting maximum holding to £10,000 per person on a first come, first serve basis.

Speed may be of the essence, but you can be sure that the decision to invest in fine-used Penny Blacks is by no means a hasty one.

For the quickest response, simply hit reply to this e-mail. Alternatively you can contact the SG team directly at mfacey@stanleygibbons.com or by telephoning +44 (0)20 7557 4424.


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