A Black Box for a Black Swan Moment

A practice exercise I did for a job application. I had to sell a newsletter offering penny-share investments like the one below.

The perfect penny share without pushing the boat out?
A Black Box for a Black Swan Moment:
An unrivalled bit of kit with a
global market.
– What price do you put on security? Because government’s
pledge a lot.
– One company’s little black box has provided the solution – and has already secured a contract with a large Asian country worth ¢18 million over 3 years.
– A huge market is emerging… it’s time to get on board.

Dear Profit Seeker,

What does the U.S., the E.U., and major players in Asia all have in common?

Besides A LOT of coastline to protect, they have all declared that various types of vessel within their jurisdiction require this little black box, or Automatic Identification System (AIS).

That’s a lot of vessels, and one hell of a market.

In the 21st century – the age of transnational terrorism – government’s value the protection
of their maritime borders.

In steps the little Black Box, and only the little black box.

Now that boat owners will be forced to fit an AIS, a device that utilises a Global Positioning Module (GPS) to monitor activity, they’ll sell in their tens of thousands, and there’s only one company in the market.

It’s inspiration? A rhetorical question posed by a Florida coast guard:
“Wouldn’t it be nice… if we could keep track of each and every one of those vessels?”, he said to the brains behind the black box.

Allow me to pose an even better question:
Wouldn’t it be nice… if YOU could find a company with a quality product, with a global demand, no competition, high profit margins, and a deflated share price – the perfect penny share investment?

I implore you to look no further.

Here’s why this is such a profitable venture.

Following an oversight on a side project designing radio handsets, the company placed this
part of the business into administration, sending it’s share prices through the floor.

Now YOU can pick up these shares for as little as 4.75p.

With potential for a meteoric rise, these shares have been set a target price of 30p!

That’s over a five-fold increase.

With new rules and regulations meaning vessels have to purchase the black box this could be the ideal time for YOU to cash-in on this relatively unknown business while it remains at such bargain bucket prices.

Time to ensure you don’t miss the boat on this black box technology.

Make sure YOU’RE not wishing about what could have been, thinking “I wish I had invested in that…

People are making a lot of money from tips like this right now.

Interested? Well YOU don’t need a GPS to find a great penny share.

But to make certain you don’t miss out on more great tips, how about a subscription to
Red Hot Penny Shares?


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