Entry #1: So… copywriting.

This will be a blog/ journal/ whatever… describing to you, dearest reader, my thoughts about copywriting and documenting my experiences in trying to break my way into the industry.

It’s going to be explosive. (Disclaimer: probably not).

Entry #1:

So… copywriting.

Turning words into $. The art of making you reach for your wallet or challenge your mental status quo. The twist in your arm that makes you say ‘yes’.

It’s pretty clever, and incredibly fun to play around with.

I know it’s what I want to do and I’m even tempted to believe I might be good at it. I say so, of course, not meaning to blow my own trumpet.

Toot toot.

Yet, that’s where my problems begin. Prepare your violins ladies and gents…

Having little (to no) training in marketing or business is a stumbling block, granted. However most jobs I’ve looked at also want agency experience of at least 3 years – even for junior placements.

To boot, relevant degrees to copywriting include: Journalism, English, maybe even something Psychology-based that tells you how people are receptive to differing methods of conveying ideas.

Give me a break. Where is War Studies on the list? And what about History?

I’ve just finished learning my Vietnam’s from my Iraq’s, my Guevara’s from my de Wet’s from my Magsaysay’s and I do enough writing for the both of us – trust me.

It would be fair to say that, at the moment, I feel a little like the inverse of Uncle Sam. His rallying cry to the American public: “I want you for the U.S. Army“, certainly worked. However without such a dashing beard and fancy hat, my call to arms is a little less “I want you”, and a bit more “You want me”.

You do, don’t you? Please?

As desperate as that sounds, I’m not quite at that “bended-knee” stage yet. However if I ever do you’ll be the first to know.

In what is sure to be an interesting read, I’ll document the trials and tribulations of trying to secure some manner of copywriting employment.

This could benefit you in any manner of ways.

If you’re as clueless, yet as interested, in copywriting as myself maybe you’ll learn something.

If you’re already really knowledgable about copywriting, and have by some misfortune stumbled upon this, you may find what I say hilariously inaccurate and therefore worth reading for the rib-tickled sensation you’re currently experiencing.

If you’re not that way inclined at all, maybe you’ll just find some gratification in following my failures, and hopefully, eventually some successes.

Please do subscribe and tell your friends/colleagues/peers.

You want me“. Remember?



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2 thoughts on “Entry #1: So… copywriting.

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  2. Sallie Stacker April 2, 2013 at 7:46 am Reply

    Good luck! The journey is half the fun.

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