Entry #3: Don’t Read or I’ll Brutally Murder a Cat

Actually that’s a complete lie,  I really like cats.

So time to hang up and apologise for wasting the RSPCA’s time because this is just an experiment I thought I’d share with you.

Allow me to explain…

A little birdy once told me that everything you write needs a hook. Something that catches the reader’s attention, makes them want to read on, and leaves them no choice but to read on. The most effective way to do this is with a captivating headline – or even a shocking one.

Actually that was a half lie as well. It wasn’t a little bird, it was actually a blog dedicated to copywriting.

This very helpful website informed me that my primary aim should be to get my first sentence read. The headline should offer the reader something that benefits them and makes them powerless to resist the pull of the next sentence.

Needless to say, for legal reasoning, this statement has never been more accurate.

This website used the header “Don’t Read This or the Kitty Gets It!” as a crude example, hence my homage. I feel I may have crossed the line, but that’s science. This experiment was designed to push the boundaries.

The author provides a less-shocking-than-mine SHOCK factor. And it works!

So in theory you’re still reading, right?

Now that Fluffy’s (that’s the cat) helped me get your attention, today I discovered People Per Hour – a website that allows you to search for and offer your creative services. So I decided to create a profile and advertise my skills to the big wide world.

I’m offering fresh, interesting, and engaging copy for whatever you need it for. That’s online web copy, catchy hooks and headlines, social media, blogs, articles, and more covered. I’ve even set up an Hourlie – in English that’s me offering you some high quality copy for £10.

If you want 250 words that’s just 4p per word. For 500, that’s a ridiculous 2p per word. You get the idea, I’ll leave the maths to you.

So now I’ve told you what I wanted to, you’ll be happy to hear I’m open for business.

Oh, and don’t worry the blog claims that Fluffy’s fine.  

All that’s left is for you to share, like and subscribe and no animals will be harmed.

Just kidding.



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