Copy, Ads, and @OneMinuteBriefs: What’s it all about?


Here’s the testimonial I wrote for the brilliant @OneMinuteBriefs.

I hope that gives you some insight.

But I want to go further than that.

It provides you with a daily fix of creative work… in short, sharp hits… and it certainly leaves you wanting more.

That’s the point – the ads are supposed to be snappy, short and sweet. Addiction is perhaps not intended, but generally welcomed by the management – I’m sure.

What’s even more awesome is the production is designed to adhere to those very same principles. So all the satisfaction without the need for rehab.

As a graphic designer or illustrator it could mean a clever one-minute doodle.

As a copywriter it challenges you to (usually) come up with the best-damn pun you can, and hope no one’s beaten you to the punch.

But in my opinion, the best ones look to delve a lil deeper than mere punmanship.

Yes, the best ones utilise a great USP and lay out a scenario its targets can relate to, or identify a quirky theme that just appeals generally.

I suppose that’s what makes a great ad. Period.

By Jove.

But incredibly, a lot of work of this calibre is produced in just 1 minute.

Simply a-bloody-mazing.

I implore you to join in sometime. Get following @OneMinuteBriefs and get creative… everyone’s got a minute after all.

You can’t run your own 60 second advertising agency anywhere else on the net – and nor will you find such a diverse portfolio of clients.

I’ve worked for Twitter, Powerade, the NHS, and Pencils all in less than a week!

Sort of…

Seriously though, you should check out my contributions – you can find them all on the blog. Or below.

Pencils, Energy Drinks, Twitter, and the NHS.


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