@OneMinuteBriefs: Advertise the vacant Manchester United Manager job.

26 years. 38 trophies. 1 career.

That’s quite a haul. And it leaves some very large shoes to fill.

Today’s One Minute Brief was to advertise the vacant manager role. Cue jokes about Fergie time, whiskey, hairdryers, and chewing gum.

There may have been some repetitive themes today, but at least the ads on show weren’t as repetitive as that BLOODY joke doing the rounds on Twitter. Some Scouser utilising a magic lamp to wish Thatcher dead and SAF retired.

The joke is amusing at first. Then the second guy retweets it and you think “…bit late”. Then the third guy actually has the mettle to tweet it.

DON’T TRY AND CLAIM IT AS YOUR OWN. You’ve just pirated a joke. You’re a joke pirate. You know who you are.

Give me strength.

Apologies, I digress. If you’re genuinely interested in sport, and Manchester United, then you should check out these reports that SportDistort broke earlier this morning and yesterday…

But here’s how the (possibly) the greatest manager inspired my ads.

Manchester United manager applicants require

This is a bit of slight on SAF’s least favourable qualities. As a manager he was considerable controversial – these requirements outline his flaws for the next manager.

Fergie time

Couldn’t resist a bit of a play with the notion of Fergie time. Of course his time is up, so now it might be your time to step up.

Manchester United not Chelsea

Nothing like a bit of fun-poking at Chelsea’s managerial history.

Old Trafford full. Whiskey cabinet not so

There’s no denying SAF loved his whiskey. The next incumbent of the managerial post might not find the cabinet full to the brim.

Hope you like the ads.

And sorry Manchester United fans. I wonder what the odds are for SAF’s replacement lasting longer than a year.

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