Create. Sculpt. Rectify. Repeat.

Michelangelo’s David wasn’t always the polished article. When work began he would have had his fair share of rough edges.

Yet through dedication, persistence and a great deal of rectification, rough edges do start to smooth out – this, in a sense, is what Cordell Blogs Copy is modeled on.

This is what you’ll get: an honest, yet rough, personal insight into the various facets of copy and my first steps in the copywriting biz.

On the plus side, you’ll sleep better at night knowing that someone out there is a little less educated on the subject than you.

Maybe you could think of Cordell Blogs Copy as your insurance policy against restless nights, if nothing else.

There you have it, Cordell Blogs Copy has at least one DEFINITE use for you.

Party on.

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