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First update in a while: 3 @oneminutebriefs victories to report

Thanks for bearing with me. I’ve been so busy – hardly finding time to update you.

I’ve even struggled to do as many @oneminutebriefs as I’d like.

However I do have 3 victories to report.

One is for shoes – “Goody” Two Shoes.

More interestingly, I won a brief requested by an actual company. That was particularly exciting. EarPeace chose my ‘Hear Today. Hear Tomorrow’ copy as the winner.

Wanna know the best thing about that? PRIZES.

And last but by no means least, my latest victory was for the Liam Fairhurst Foundation, a cancer charity requesting ads for use in newspapers etc. This was a really special brief and I am delighted to be able to add it to my list of wins.

A proper, longer one-minute version will be released ASAP so that the charity can use my idea. That will be produced in collaboration with my start-up advertising partnership, Coq&Tonic.

Check out our only other work so far here: http://www.behance.net/coqtonic

Hope you enjoy the ads.




Wild at heart. Really?

Can you even get a wild cow? I’ve never heard of someone coming across a stray cow, wandering the earth as is its want…

I’ve heard of the laughing one, not the wild one.

Plus what is it actually trying to say? I assume its meant to instil us all with the same peace of mind we achieve when we see “free range” written in front of the word egg.

Except this campaign feels less like a brother in arm to the free range egg than a petulant child doing its best to annoy everyone by imitating their older sibling – badly.

Someone should let this farmer know that someone’s not only setting his cows loose, but milking them.

All-Bran #CopySpot


This is what my mornings have become…

Taking pictures of cereal boxes, as I wait to leave for work.

But seriously, I noticed this copy: “Feel All-Bran New”.

Clever play on words? Or a bit cheesey?

I can’t decide, which probably suggests its the latter. I reckon a @oneminutebriefs could do something better.

Promoting a healthy lifestyle, a transformation even, is a tad hyperbolic. Even if I eat All-Bran every morning at 6.30, I’m still gonna feel tired and shit – not Bran new.

I kind of resent it now.

Pokerstars.com – CopySpot


Thought I’d give the WordPress app on my phone a test drive.

Well I’m on a train actually. And this ad really caught my eye.

Ads on trains often reference the tussle and bustle of commuter life; something the viewer immediately relates to. Running for the frequently-late, tin can sweatboxes is something I am no stranger to.

The copy highlights how getting a seat shouldn’t be your priority. After all you can play poker standing up.

They’ve just undertaken the 100m, and you’re chilling around the poker table. Who’s laughing now?

Concise, easily relatable, and effective.

Bravo pokerstars.com, I fold.

@OneMinuteBriefs: Advertise the new Man City job.


Absolutely no time to write about these guys.

Man City = jokes about money, Sheikhs, and egos.

See also: blue moon and noisy neighbours.

I even tried, and probably failed, to do one about Star Wars. Good, it was not.

Didn’t have time for one yesterday. Sorry guys @OneMinuteBriefs, I was doing my last ever uni exam.

Party on.

@OneMinuteBriefs: Advertise a Blind charity

Today I created a few ads for charities supporting sufferers from blindness.

From Guide Dogs to the RNIB to the NFB.

Hope you enjoy.




@OneMinuteBriefs: Advertise Yourself

How do I advertise me?

At first I considered running a bit of a jokey one. For example: “Modesty’s Overrated – I’m Not.

But instead I decided to advertise something I can offer, and lay out why my services are worth courting.

I didn’t want to insult anyone, so I chose a list of genuinely great things, but… they’re all lacking that little bit extra – to maximise their usefulness or potential.

Hope I sound great.


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