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@OneMinuteBriefs: Advertise Photoshop

Haven’t got too much time today for writing – been too busy shopping.

I had the displeasure of visiting Abercrombie & Fitch whose advertising campaigns, funnily enough, are certainly no stranger to Photoshop.

It’s not that I hate the clothes. It’s the constant interaction, the feigned interest in your life, the 3-pronged assault on the senses (too dark, too loud, too pungent), and the naked men (well half) that doesn’t do it for me.

Most importantly, where are the naked babes?

How’s that fair?

I could probably rant for hours, but luckily for you I’ll cut straight to the chase.

looks better in photoshop

I can sense the designer in you shuddering at the pixelated logo and the comic sans typeface. And you’re right, it’s disgusting. Hence the message – hope it’s convincing.

Photos optimised in photoshop

Photoshop is meant to be part of the journey your memory/photo takes. So from the “Say Cheese” to all your adjustments, Photoshop is along for the ride.

Photoshop not instagram

Instagram has made editing photos trendy. Photoshop however is a tad more sophisticated and more people should be aware of that.

Get involved. Leave a comment & share.

How would your ads shape up for the photo editing software?

Oh and let me know what your thoughts are on A&F… could spark quite an interesting debate.

@OneMinuteBriefs: Advertise Suncream

I was out and about today, so had no time to properly produce an ad.

However, unable to kick the habit I just had to write the copy on the old dog ‘n’ bone.

So apologies for the execution.

Lads sun cream

A bit of a saucy double entendre to kick us off.

red sun burn white bikini

Was envisioning a white bikini-clad girl with lobster-esque sunburn. If this was the case they’d look a little like an old-fashioned barbers pole. Sunburn is obviously preferable to a appointment at Sweeney Todd’s barbershop, but it’s still not a great look.

warning sun burn

We’ve all been there. Excruciating sun burn on your back. What do your mates think would be incredibly amusing? Giving it a damn-hard whack. Ouch. It’s not worth it – remember suncream.

Again apologies for the execution, but hope you enjoy the copy anyway.

@OneMinuteBriefs: Advertise Advertising


That was my first reaction. It was definitely a tricky one today.

How does one go about advertising… advertising?

As I write this I’m struggling to compare it to anything other than describing a description. I’m not even sure that applies.

However, I am sure it’s not the same as butchering a butcher.

It was certainly a bit of a mind-boggler, but here’s what I came up with:


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